About Fish Mesh

Join us on the journey to prolonged health and vitality.

The story of Fish Mesh is about the story of my family, my upbringing and a desire to connect with people with real food.

The UAE has a community that shares a special bond for food. That bond has been broken when produce is overpriced, unfresh or out of reach. This is why we have started Fish Mesh: to nurture the community providing the best with minimum costs.

Our parent company Five Brothers has been in the seafood industry for 30 years. They have been supplying to well known hyper markets, airports, airlines, hospitals and government entities. We are a platform powered by FBGT. We have now decided to nurture the end consumer (you) aswell without the middle man and the additional mark-ups. Fish Mesh has all the industrial grade seafood processing equipments and the processing of produce is done internally which reduces end cost. This way, you and your family can enjoy high quality food for the price of wholesale.
Our mission is simple. Eat better and live better for a low cost.


Parent company operating for 17 years


Products sold in 2019

5 Certifications

Including HACCP, DHA, Dubai Municipality

What they’re saying

I get all my seafood and meat from one platform instead of going to Carrefour. The quality is unrivaled and the prices are low.

Ordered Salmon Fillet and had the delivery at the doorstep the next day. I will try ordering the shrimps next time.

Good food, good price. Without the need to step outside your house.